• Your project is a once-in-a-lifetime Storytelling Opportunity.

    That's why more than just shooting timelapse, we tell TimeLapse Stories.

  • More than TimeLapse, We Tell Your TimeLapse Story.

    A Time Lapse Story shows not just construction, but your goals, intent, teamwork, innovation and end-use impact of your new or updated facility.

    We use the latest techniques in fixed and mobile videography, from high definition fixed cameras, to "mobile" cameras operated by our experts capturing close up work, to drones for flyovers and otherwise impossible shots during and after construction. Finally we bring in a full video crew with "sliders", mini-cranes and special lighting to show off the spectacular results of your project, either prior to opening or at a special event.

  • Who We Are

    We Combine TimeLapse Techniques with Grand Storytelling.

    Experience, Savvy, Success

    We offer the latest technology tempered with decades of experience.

    We tell your story in a compelling video presentation that sells, convinces, and motivates.

    We specialize in complete, beginning to end timelapse stories, which detail the demolition, construction, staffing and environmental elements that make up the impact a new building or space has on the community, the workers, the space and locale. These are positive, triumphant stories, celebrating the design, construction, support and impact of new or renovated spaces and buildings. They are much more than merely fixed time elapsed sequences from a single point of view. These are included, of course, but we also add work-in-progress time lapse and video sequences shot from outside and inside the structure, featuring the workers, staff and machinery necessary to bring a building or space to fruition.


    We have a combined 50 years in the corporate video production production field, having produced marketing, sales, meeting, motivational and training videos for AT&T, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Johnson Controls, Underwriters' Labs, The American Cancer Society, Mercury Marine, and many others.

  • How We Work

    How We Try to Accomplish the Best for You... and What We Need from You to Do So.


    The best time to start a video timelapse project is, of course, before your planned activites begin. If you are reworking a store, this would include teardown, demolition, and the build right up to the finished space. If you're retail, you probably want to see the store shelved and stocked.


    We often try to include the personalities involved: foreman, crew, employees, store staging personnel, both before and after where appropriate, and during the various activities. We like to show the blood sweat and tears that prove your people care.


    Some timelapse projects are simply about the timelapse-- the miracle of building a facility from scratch. In that case, we try to place semi-permanent cameras on both the facilities exterior and interior, capturing the physical changes that occur.


    The best stories involve all of these factors. For more information, see the samples below.


    What do we need to do our job? Fair warning, and a complete schedule. Continued communication when schedules, deliveries, or key dates shift. And one key decision-maker from our client (you), and the construction company as well. We want to do our job, but we don't want to get in the way. On the other hand, we don't want to miss key photographic opportunities. They are often things that can't be restaged or faked.

  • Testimonials

    From the Technology of TimeLapse to the Crafting of the Story

    "You Have Redefined Time Lapse Video as we know it.."


    — Time Lapse Video Forum LinkedIn

    "Brien is an expert producer, writer and director, as good as it gets for crafting stories for video and moving images..."


    — Bill Finn, BoothTag

    "Brien is the master when is comes to storytelling. He knows what a client needs before the client knows they need it."


    — Amy Hansmann, Employment & Training Professional


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