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Video 360’s 360˚ 8K Insta360 Pro 2 With Big Free Accessory Package Black Friday Sale Now!

This Hot Niche Will Add Mucho Marketability to Your Video Biz

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If you want a professional package to do 360˚ video at 8K resolution, you'll want Video 360's 360˚8K Insta360 Pro 2 which comes with a Big Free Accessory Package for Black Friday week! And it's $500 off! And if you buy from here, you'll get an extra battery added!

Yes, this is a serious investment for people and companies serious about VR video. But it's from the one company that specializes in "in the round" videography, and makes no compromises in image quality, remote control, and wireless monitoring of your glamorous shots! When used with a tripod or gimbal, the results are just stunning!

If you want to make or cement your reputation in 360˚ VR video, this is the way to go. It is an investment that will pay itself off quickly, because your demos and projects will provide indelible proof of your power and prowess in this video niche. And that means market leadership in this current niche.

I like the fact that this unit provides the best high end results you can find in a single unit. And the free extras from hardware to software make this a real value! Take it from a guy who got into timelapse early-- this is a field where expertise and serious looking gear make a big difference; you can look at three years of success before bid price becomes an object.

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