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Premise: Time Lapse is Boring!

Or, Making Sure Your Time Lapse Story isn't like watching grass grow, just more quickly.

The premise of this website, and our enterprise for that matter can be summed in in the above headline (link-bate though it is): Time Lapse Video in and of itself, without context, can be a pretty boring affair.
If your building, conversion, bridge, ocean liner, or whatever you want to document is going to take a a half a year, year or more to build, that could mean four or five minutes of an angle (or two) of your building going up in fast motion. Ta-da. Your audience sees it once, and don't ever have to see it again. Nice building, they think, and that's that. 
But then, why go to the expense of doing the video, if it is going to have only matter-of-fact impact?
More and more, everybody and their brother is doing timelapse of some sort or another. Heck, I'd be happy to tell you how to do it and where to get the tools.
Because I'm not interested in everyday, matter-of-fact time lapse. Speaking for all of us at TLVG, I can say emphatically that we only want to create "timelapse videos" that make a difference, by telling a story-- your story.
In short, why is the structure being built? How does it serve your customers? How does it tie in with your company's or institution's goals? What challenges are you facing in design and execution? What efficiencies and improvements will this new structure have on your company, profitability, the environment, the health and safety of your staff and customers?
If all that hard work makes you the first pharmacy in America to create more energy than it consumes, that's worth a story.
Why do you-- and why should we-- feel good about your building and what it means? If, pfr instance, all that hard work makes you the first pharmacy in America to create more energy than it consumes, that's building worthy a full story.
It's a timelapse story that you can share with the press, customers, investors, staff, recruits, and those close to you that are always asking what you do for a living!
That's a story you can be proud of-- and the timelapse stuff looks pretty cool too!
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